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The Company

WebComm Solutions, Inc. is a company that provides unique systems and processes that increase revenue and profitability through highly-effective communication and time management strategies. We emphasize communications in all our services and products because without meaningful communications, there can be no business, no negotiations, and no rapport between clients and a company.

Communication occurs both internally as well as externally in a company. If a CEO, a company owner, or any level of management cannot effectively communicate their ideas and needs with both those above them as well as below them in the company environment, nothing can be accomplished. Equally as important, whether a company is run as a single person entity by an entrepreneur (such as a coach or a licensed professional) or the company has a sales team, communication about their products and/or services is vital to their customers is vital in order to effectively sell those items.

WebComm Solutions (a concatenation of Web = Internet and Comm = Communications) primarily provides business optimization coaching, services, and products that assist entrepreneurs and companies provide meaningful communications and time management strategies both internally and externally for our clients.

Our Founder and CEO

Jan Ferguson has worked with and coached individuals and business for over 30 years, particularly in the realm of communications and technology. Now as a Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Certified NLP Trainer, and Certified Master Life Coach he specializes in helping both businesses and individuals solidify their communication practices and better themselves by working specifically with their self-awareness, mindset, goals, and more.

Jan has been a coach and mentor for several middle school students over the years (one per school year), who did not have a male adult in the household. This was an extremely helpful program for these students and his students went on to excel in their classes and in life. He did this as a licensed/certified law enforcement officer, which he proudly served as for 32 years until his retirement from the force.

Jan has given lectures on communications, stress management, and conflict resolution to private groups. In the past he has also coached and mentored individuals and couples on financial planning as a licensed insurance agent and Life Underwriting Training Fellow, and holds an LUTCF designation from the American College of Financial Services. Jan has been a certified Law Enforcement Trainer in the states of Florida and Wyoming and a Field Training Officer for new police officers.

After retiring from the police force, I started WebComm Solutions, Inc. in the year 2013 with a deep passion for helping people transform their individual destinies. I certified as a business coach, a success/life coach, a professional hypnotist, and a speaker, and developed impressive credentials and experience. I also hold numerous company certifications for business communication and time-management strategies.

I also head the Transform Your Mind Institute, a division of my WebComm Solutions corporation. The Transform Your Mind Institute is a coaching, an NLP training, and hypnosis practice dedicated to helping individuals change and live their best lives.


Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Certified Professional Hypnotist
Certified Advanced Ericksonian Hypnotist
Certified Neo-Ericksonian Hypnotist
Certified Conversational Hypnotist
Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer
Certified Master Life Coach
Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist

Board Certificated Through:

International Board of Coaches and Practitioners
International Certification Board of Coaches and Hypnotists
International Hypnosis Federation
American Alliance of Hypnotists
American Union of NLP

Board Appointments

(Current) Advisory Panel Member for The Customer Experience Certificate Program at The University of South Florida
(Former) Corporate board member for the US Military Cadet Corp, Inc., a non-profit youth cadetting experience entity.

But that's enough about me for now...There's more good stuff in the rest of my website!

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Goal Setting

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Relationship Coaching

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Stress Management

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Hypnosis can help to eliminate many of the issues you might be experiencing...including anxiety, performance enhancement, and more.


Rev. Dr. Beverly T., DMin
Chicago, Illinois
"Awesome session today. Thanks, Jan. I learned more and got very great ideas.Thanks again!. I never said it to you, but it is a privilege to be working with you. thanks so much."

George L., PhD
Portland, Oregon

"I just wanted to say thank you very much for all your great help ...Sincerely, you are great!!"

Tyler B.
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

“If I had to sum Jan Ferguson up in one sentence it would be 'You pay a lot less than what his knowledge, dedication and expertise is worth'."

Find Your Balance...
Set Your Goals...
Take A Challenge...
Reward Yourself...



At WebComm Solutions, we offer a variety of coaching and motivational services for your benefit. We work with you to enhance your communication and time-management skills for both your personal and professional life. We can help to eliminate limiting beliefs and fears, as well as providing performance enhancement and motivational sessions. **

** Results depend directly on the client's desire to genuinely want to change the behavior they are having an issue with and want to change. See Section 6b of the Terms and Conditions document for detailed information.

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